With a lot of know-how, motivation, many years of experience...

…we pass on our knowledge to our course participants. We respond to the needs of our participants and support them individually in order to achieve the best possible learning effects. Because of this, our varied courses are also geared to the right level, so that the first progress can be seen quickly. We teach all age groups from around the age of 3 to adult.


For our youngest we offer age-appropriate courses in which our little ones can gain new experiences with the ice and recognize their own abilities. On the other hand, playing with peers should be encouraged, in which you can learn with and from peers.


For our children from kindergarten age, the children are divided into age-appropriate groups in order to support them individually on the one hand and to promote the club feeling on the other hand, because ice skating is an individual sport. Due to the fact that our courses are carried out according to the guidelines of youth and sport as well as the Swiss Ice Skating Association, the children can take an internal club test (1-4) after completing the course, depending on their ability, and then later externally according to the association take on the standardized Swiss Ice Skating tests in Switzerland. There is also the opportunity to take part in regional competitions.


We also offer group courses for our adults, divided into different levels.

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