We offer lunge training both on and off the ice.

Lunge training on the ice is particularly suitable for learning new jumps as well as double or triple jumps. This special training supports the skaters by allowing them to spend more time in the air to fully complete the turn and optimally prepare the landing process. This leads to more precise and safer jumps and is particularly helpful for those skaters who are afraid of falling on the ice. The increased safety and stability allows the skaters to concentrate better on the technical aspects of their jumps and thus improve their skills more quickly.

We also offer lunge training in our specially equipped off-ice room. Here the focus is on improving the rotation speed, which in turn has a positive effect on the jumps on the ice. Through targeted exercises and technical training, the skaters can refine their turning movements and gain the necessary body control to safely perform even difficult jumps.

Our goal is to offer skaters comprehensive training that not only improves their technical skills, but also builds their self-confidence and helps them overcome their fear of falling. By combining on-ice and off-ice training, we create a holistic training environment that offers the best possible conditions for success on the ice.


In the private choreography lessons, the skaters have the unique opportunity to further develop their freestyle routine, which has been rehearsed by the trainer. This includes the integration of arm movements and intermediate elements, which aim to optimally coordinate the performance with the musical accompaniment.
The close collaboration between the trainer and skaters in the design of the choreographies significantly promotes the creativity and musicality of the athletes. This cooperative approach makes it possible to give each program an individual touch that reflects the skater’s personal style and expressiveness.
The result is a harmonious and artistic presentation that combines both technical precision and artistic expression.

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