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Unfortunately, missed training sessions cannot be made up before or after. Training cancellations are possible due to bad weather, external or club events. We will react situationally to the further development of the pandemic and define protective measures in accordance with the BAG specifications.


Liability and accident insurance is the responsibility of the participants or their parents.

No training during school holidays.

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    Herbstferienkurse - ET, Wollerau, 30.9 - 4.10.24

    Mo. bis Fr., Kinder und Erwachsene
    Kids 1, 10.30–11.20 Uhr AnfängerKids 2, 11.20–12.15 Uhr FortgeschritteneKids 3, 10.30-12.15 Uhr Fortg. Intensiv

    Herbstferienkurse - ET, Wollerau, 7.10 - 11.10.24

    Mo. bis Fr., Kinder und Erwachsene
    K1, 10.30–11.20 Uhr AnfängerK2, 11.20–12.15 Uhr FortgeschritteneK3, 10.30–12.15 Uhr Fortg. IntensivK4, 17.15–18.05 Uhr AnfängerK5, 18.05–19.00 Uhr FortgeschritteneK6, 17.15–19.00 Uhr Fortg. Intensiv

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