In figure skating there are tests for the different levels so that you know where you stay and have a goal in mind. The tests are administered by judges. After each passed test you get a diploma and our club has developed its own concept with bracelets. Each successful test gets an ice pearl in the right color for the bracelet. First you start with the snowflake test, then continue with the startest´s 1 to 4.


The Snowflaketest and the Startest‘s 1 to 4 take place in the Wollerau Ice Skating Club. If you or your child are interested in taking a test, please let the club trainer know in good time so that she can then decide whether it is possible to take the test.


The art of moving efficiently and elegantly on the ice also requires regular training. It is advisable to book private lessons here so that you are optimally prepared for a startest.
Requests for private lessons:


This is followed by the nationwide ice skating tests of the Swiss Ice Skating Association:
Interbronze, bronze, intersilver basic/advanced, silver, intergold basic/advanced and gold for freestyle, which are generally not carried out in your own club. To participate, a license and registration must be made via EC-Wollerau. The skaters are always accompanied to the tests by the club trainer. Test participation is not possible without private lessons.

Test Reihenfolge

The Intersilver and Intergold Basic Test can be skipped

Test date

The tests will take place on February 13, 2022 at 9 a.m. on the Erlenmoos ice field.

Test Requirements PDF Download

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